October 17, 2022

Training’s in full swing! Upcoming races for Cure Kids



Sun blaring, sweat dripping, people cheering ... it's race season here at Theta; with spring among us, our Theta athletes are wiping the dust off their track shoes for some serious training before November's adventure races for Cure Kids.

This year we're competing in two races over two back-to-back weekends, with 9 female athletes and 3 male athletes dispersed into three teams. It's going to be an event to remember.  

We're so excited to spend another race season supporting our beloved chosen charity, Cure Kids. Fundraising activities are already underway; if you'd like to contribute, visit our donations page here. All proceeds will be given to Cure Kids.  

Join us for the ride as we prep our teams for an epic season of adventure!  

Lactic Turkey P6 or P3 Adventure Race | November 6th  

The Lactic Turkey is your choice of a six or three-hour adventure race where contestants collect as many points as possible. It's a multi-mix of running & walking (at your own pace), mountain biking (six-hour event only), navigation, teamwork and mystery activities. We're hanging on the edge of our seats for the location release – which is released one week prior to race day.  

Meet the Lactic Turkey Athletes  

P6 | Six-hour team

Kate, Caroline, Tali and Craig

P3 | Three-hour team

Meike, Rey (team 1)  

Phoebe, Adisa, Serena, Melody (team 2)  

Here’s what Phoebe has to say about the upcoming adventure:

| Phoebe Dobson, Head of Delivery  
"A mixture of peer pressure, having a fitness goal and helping Cure Kids has got me back into having another go at the 3-hour race this year. I'm looking forward to trying the mystery activities, but I am unsure about the tubing as I am a wimp in cold water!"

Marokopa Munter Adventure Race | November 12th  

Our two almost-professional athletes, Jason & Alan, will be tackling an epic twelve-hour adventure of trekking and mountain biking. This year the race will be held in the Marokopa/Waitomo area, one of the North Island's best-kept adventure secrets. The region is full of adventure with hills, rivers, farms, bush and more hills – and this year, there's no water section.

For more info click here  

Here’s what Jason has to say.

| Jason Free, Senior Consultant
"I've never done this one before, and it's in a location I have never been to – part of the attraction I guess. Feeling…. as usual a little nervous about the volume of training – is it enough? Is it the right kind? But I'm super excited about doing another race for Cure Kids. It's a lot of hard work, but on the day, it always seems to be fun. Plus, you get to mix with a range of like-minded people in parts of the country you don't often get to visit."

Best of luck to our racers! Wishing you well on your training days ahead, and we hope to see some awesome fun out on the course.

To donate to Cure Kids, check out our fundraising page at JustGiving.com.