Delivery Methodologies

We tailor delivery methodologies to fit your needs, ensuring projects are aligned with your business and solution requirements, expectations, and quality objectives.

Our project team works with you throughout the project journey from strategic thinking and scoping to design, build, test, delivery and support.


Our preference is to use the Scrum framework to deliver high quality projects that meet business expectations.

Increased transparency

The ability to regularly assess team performance

Regular progress updates to stakeholders


Under our hybrid model, Waterfall stages such as initiation, business requirements definition and high-level design are followed as broadly sequential steps.

The delivery phases, e.g. build and test, will use an Agile iterative approach.  

This ensures you can see completed stages at regular intervals throughout the project, rather than at the end of more traditional and typically less frequent stage-gates.


If you're implementing an off-the-shelf product, where the vision and scope isn't expected to change, or you prefer a more traditional approach, we can easily defer to Waterfall.

With Waterfall projects, each stage is distinct and generally finishes before the next one can begin. Typically, a stage-gate allows you to review and approve before the design begins.

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