April 19, 2022

$150k for Cure Kids!



Exciting news - after supporting Cure Kids for 10 years, we've just hit our milestone of $150,000 raised! A target set last year, we're proud to support New Zealand's largest funder of child health research and look forward to many, many more fundraisers to come.

A bit of background

Back in 2012, we decided to enter the Cure Kids Great Adventure Race. Since then, we've competed in an adventure race every year – with a big push from the entire Theta team for fundraising in the lead up to this event each year. Check out this blast from the past - it's one of the first training vids from 2013!

Our fundraisers

Fundraisers over the past 10 years have included international lunches, bake sales, auctions and raffles, remote fitness challenges (k's for km's) during lockdown times and a comedy night.

Upcoming fundraisers include reigniting our in-person international lunches, now that COVID restrictions are easing, and virtual lunchtime sessions with Cure Kids researchers with an 'attend and donate' model.

And keep your eyes peeled...

Our adventure race teams are also busy hunting down their next challenge, so watch this space for an announcement coming soon on that….