January 15, 2024

How to Stay Secure in the Age of AI


Liz Knight | Head of Cyber Security | Hands-on global security & technology specialist


Let's put our hands together for IT & security teams dealing with AI right now.

First things first – if you have an internal IT and/or security team, 2023 was a tough year. 2024 looks no different. The explosion of AI has brought the threat of an increasing number of sophisticated cyber threats. Combine this with the democratisation of AI and the need to implement additional internal controls and processes for its safe use, and there's been many a sleepless night. However, whilst businesses have done a sterling job at keeping up to date with technology, processes and people, using their existing resources, we're aware there's a growing need for external support.

What impact has AI had on IT & security teams?

On one hand, we've seen a faster evolution in tools, with AI increasingly embedded into security software. The benefit of this is that threat detection is smarter, faster and more accurate.

On the other hand, adversaries are also making the most of AI technology advancements. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and AI can be used to find even the narrowest of security gaps. We are seeing ‘deep fake’ audio and video becoming the latest vector to trip up even the most security savvy executives, and there’s a new level of security awareness required to side step these new threats.

Ultimately, it's a game of cat and mouse.  

Do you need to outsource your security?

With the new age of AI, the workload and pressure on your IT and security teams is immense.

For many businesses, the rate of change is too much to keep up with, and they've completely outsourced their security. For others, they've done a good job of keeping as up-to-date as possible, but it's now unfeasible that they can identify all security gaps. More advanced organisations have increased their headcount and invested heavily in tools and training, but vulnerabilities still exist.

In today’s threat landscape, it takes a variety of tools, teams, services and solutions to stay protected. Now more than ever, your IT and security teams need a holistic approach to staying secure.

What types of services and support might your IT & security teams need in the age of AI?

If you haven’t already invested, you should budget for at least the following in the upcoming FY.

  • Security awareness training tools: security training in on CertNZ's critical control list - in other words, if you aren't already doing it, you should be.

How we help: We offer 'plug and play' security training with KnowBe4 where your team completes a selection of fun and engaging modules. It's a quick/easy way for your entire organisation to learn the basics of staying secure at work.

  • Cyber security review: audit your existing processes & technology and then, if needed, patch any weak spots.

How we help: We can carry out a comprehensive, professional review for your business. See below for more details*

  • Attack simulation: feel like you’ve done the mahi and are well protected? Testing your defences and identifying weak spots is an informative exercise.

How we help: Our cyber team have the experience and tools to provide comprehensive attack simulation services.

  • Network review: Let’s be honest, if your network technology isn’t a)secure and b)capable of alerting you about abnormal activity, it’s not doing what it should be.

How we help: We'll complete a comprehensive review of your network configuration, recommend improvements, and then implement new solutions as appropriate.

  • New tools and systems: threats and tools have evolved. Regularly reviewing, upgrading or changing your tools and systems keeps your team ahead of the curve

How we help: Check out Glasstrail if you're looking for a robust attack management tool). We can also audit your existing setup and recommend new and improved options.

  • Individual training: your security and IT teams will already be researching what's happening in their world- it's part of their DNA. However, advanced training in tools, systems and threats is still helpful.  

How we help: We're happy to recommend training based on our team's experience. Let's chat.


This year has presented significant challenges for internal security and IT teams. The surge in sophisticated attacks, coupled with the democratisation of AI, has led to sleepless nights for security professionals. While many teams have kept pace with these advancements, the need for tighter controls and processes has made external support more crucial than ever. Talk to us if you're looking for a cyber security partner who can help keep your organisation, your sensitive data and your people safe in 2024 and beyond.

*Cyber security review – what it includes

Our cyber review is a one-on-one experience with our cyber-sec experts to find what level of security your current systems are giving you, then, if needed, adding an extra blanket of security to patch any weak spots. Our team is experienced in implementing solutions, so you can get more than just a review if you decide to have us implement a solution right then and there. Book yours here.

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