May 22, 2024

Launching Our Mobile Centre of Excellence (MCoE)




We recently launched our Mobile Centre of Excellence (MCoE), comprising a team of highly skilled individuals at Theta who excel at building mobile applications for our customers. Our new MCoE team is excited to solve the mobile app challenges that New Zealand organisations often face.

What does this mean for you, our customer?

With us, you can expect a streamlined, efficient app development process that produces extremely high-quality results. There are no complicated roadmaps; we create a custom journey suited to your specific needs using proven technologies.

Ultimately, it means a better overall customer experience when designing and launching your mobile app.

Why do we need an MCoE?

Mobile apps require a different development style from other web-based applications to ensure they’re continuously up-to-date with the variety of available app stores and mobile device types. It also requires different skills and processes, with a robust methodology to get it right every time. With this streamlined approach, including the use of our Grey Scale app (see more below), we can mitigate finding technical issues and bugs further down the track – which is something we all want to avoid!

Benefits of building your app with Theta as your MCoE partner

  • Experience a smooth, structured approach to mobile app development – from design to launch.
  • Limit the amount of unplanned work and costs often due to unforeseen errors, which can be easily avoided with the correct approach.
  • Fewer bugs mean less time and money spent on fixing.
  • Highly accurate timeframes for project completion.
  • Using our MCoE Playbook, we can ensure that a standardised approach is followed when building your app, guiding it towards a successful delivery.

Introducing the Theta Grey Scale app

A common problem when building apps is the lengthy back-and-forths between developers and customers, trying to iron out visual and user experience features. This iterative process often extends over months, with each change request contributing to the overall project cost.

This is where our Grey Scale app is beneficial.

In the initial discovery phase of the mobile app development project, we’ll create a Grey Scale app according to our customers' specifications. This simplified ‘stripped back’ version offers a preview of the app's functionality, allowing you, as the customer, to test it in real-time and identify potential improvements early in the process. Where there are changes to make, our developer can do this within minutes, and you’ll be able to retest it again – optimising the feedback cycle and prototype phase altogether.

Further to this, we can get going early with app store approvals, which would often take days/weeks to approve. Now we can submit the Grey Scale app and deploy the final customer edits as soon as they are ready.

As you can see, we’re very excited about our new MCoE approach – we hope you find it a valuable addition to your app journey.

Looking to build your app?