December 7, 2022

Supercharging Business Central with productivity-focused extensions



We're all used to seeing supercharged cars with mag wheels or turbochargers. And while only a few of us are petrol heads here at Theta, all of us are keen on using tech to supercharge business platforms and improve productivity.

As an early adopter of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we have a track record of developing extensions for Business Central that improve the usability and productivity of the core product and extend what it can do. We've developed a dozen of these extensions and saved our customers thousands of hours.

Our specialist consultants talk with Business Central users every day and learn what it takes to make their work productive. With this insight and our technical skills, we've built a toolbox of road-tested extensions. Over the past couple of years, we have made them available for Business Central customers globally via Microsoft's AppSource. AppSource currently lists our first six extensions, and several more are planned for future release. With customers from all corners of the world already, it is great to see how we're helping others supercharge their businesses.

Theta's AppSource extensions

Using Excel Importer you can quickly and easily import spreadsheet data into Business Central without reformatting first. Business Central users who regularly upload third-party generated data like payroll, invoices, and expense journals are adopting this extension and getting massive time savings.

Importers use Advanced Landed Cost to understand their landed cost before placing their initial orders. This intelligence removes guesswork from calculating the landed cost of goods.

Accounts teams use Advanced Payment Reconciliation to reconcile bank accounts and payments easily. This is especially useful when customers make one payment covering several invoices or pay only part of an invoice.

Inventory managers use Dual Unit of Measure to track their inventory when there 'isn't a direct correlation between two possible units of measure - such as the number of sides of beef and their weight.

NZBN integration is an extension just for our Kiwi customers. You can easily search and update customer and vendor address information directly from the New Zealand Business Number register. This is perfect for Business Central users with customers and vendors in New Zealand.

We're on a mission to bring more apps to AppSource. If you have ideas for other productivity apps that you'd like to see listed in AppSource, get in touch today.