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Excel Importer

Import spreadsheets without reformatting the data

Using Excel Importer, importing monthly payroll and transaction data easily into Microsoft D365 Business Central is quick and easy. With this app, you can easily import payroll extracts, credit card statements, expense reports, and billing schedules as Excel files – and without reformatting the file first.

It is the fastest way to import spreadsheets into Business Central.


Try  Excel Importer free for 30 days.

Advanced Landed Cost

Understand landed cost before ordering goods

Our Advanced Landed Cost app removes the guesswork from calculating the landed cost of goods. Importers use the advanced functionality to better account for costs such as freight, customs, tariffs, insurance, and duty before placing the goods' purchase order.  

Advanced Landed Cost gives importers greater surety of profit margins.

Try Advanced Landed Cost free for 30 days.

NZBN Integration

Keep your customer and vendor data accurate

Our New Zealand Business Number app allows you to easily search and update customer and vendor address information directly from the New Zealand Business Number register. If you manage hundreds of customers and vendors, then this integration from Business Central to NZBN will keep your customer data accurate.

Try NZBN Integration free for 30 days.

Subscription Management for Publishers

Quickly and securely monetize your AppSource extensions

Subscription Management for Publishers enables app makers to securely collect credit card payments, manage subscriptions and run free trials within Business Central. This affordable extension reduces the administrative load associated with app management – freeing up app makers to focus on developing their next extension.

For more information Subscription Management for Publishers in AppSource today.

Dual Unit of Measure

Track your inventory in dual unit of measure.

Using Dual Unit of Measure, tracking your inventory in two measures is easy (even if they’re unrelated). Ideal for tracking meat/fish by weight together with pieces, or cartons, for example. Often customers order cartons at an average weight from the producer and then ship the actual weight of each carton.

Dual Unit of Measure gives you a better understanding of your inventory.

Try Dual Unit of Measure free for 30 days.  

Advanced Payment Reconciliation

For faster bank reconciliations.

Our Advanced Payment Reconciliation app makes it faster to reconcile bank accounts and payments. Businesses use the advanced toolset to run timely, automated bank reconciliations and automated matching of bank statement lines that do not match existing bank ledger entries.

Advanced Payment Reconciliation enables you to understand your cash position easily and more quickly.

Try Advanced Payment Reconciliation free for 30 days.

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