Advanced Analytics

When advanced analytics are added to your landscape, predictions and prescriptions for future action are possible and can even be automated.

Predict, detect and recommend

Advanced analytics can be used for a variety of business contexts, from discovering new opportunities to forecasting trends. It goes beyond traditional intelligence, uncovering that extra insight you need to make more advanced decisions.

360-degree customer view

Cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Fraud detection

Footfall by geographic space

Churn prediction and customer acquisition

Personalised retail experience

Smart cities

Real-time recommendations

Predictive maintenance

Predictive analytics

Predict behavior and improve engagement.


Predict what can or what will happen as a result of decisions.


Achieve maximum value with your actions.

Anomaly detection

Identify rare data points, events and observations.

What will happen next if customers continue to purchase as they have in the past?

What is the likely impact of weather predictions on energy demand?

How will a new pricing strategy impact customer loyalty and market penetration?

How can we achieve the best loading plan for a truck?

How can we use sensor data to maintain the humidity level in a greenhouse?

What are the best research projects to invest in to maximise profits in the next 12 months?

September 7, 2020

Scenario forecasting proves crucial for award-winning childcare provider

BestStart was founded in Tauranga and has since grown to over 260 early learning and childcare centres across New Zealand...

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