Hackfests and Hackathons

One way we help accelerate innovation is by running and participating in hackathons and hackfests. Here, our technical experts work directly with customers to solve business problems with new technologies in a fast-paced and fun prototyping exercise.

Hackathon benefits

Hackathons are normally run as 2-3 day events that bring together technologists and business specialists to solve problems in an accelerated and collaborative way.

The concept fosters creativity and experimentation by working together as a small ‘mini start-up’ team to develop something really quickly. This produces something of value while developing learning and understanding that can be more widely shared among your organisation.

Encourages innovation

Leverages the latest tech

Brings together users, stakeholders and developers

Fosters transformation

Our experience

We've been involved in a range of customer and public hackathons – from AR/VR solutions to data platforms to IoT, delivering energy-driven, fast and effective results.


Our close partnerships with best-in-breed technology providers means we're well placed to find the latest and greatest solutions.

Combine that with our passion for technology excellence, and you have a winning project!


We can adapt hackathons to all kinds of organisations