December 6, 2022

Cure Kids races done n’ dusted



The adrenaline has subsided, and sore muscles have fully recovered for our adventure race athletes. The whole Theta gang is beaming from ear to ear at our teams’ efforts for Cure Kids. There’s a lot to catch up on, so here’s the behind-the-scenes:

Lactic Turkey P6 or P3 Adventure Race

Our Lactic Turkey teams were first to hit the course. After backpacks were loaded and a final tightening of shoelaces, they were off and beelined for the hillsides of Wenderholm Regional Park.

P6 | Six-hour team | Kate, Caroline, Tali and Craig

P3 | Three-hour team | Meike, Rey (team 1) | Phoebe, Adisa, Serena, Melody (team 2)

Craig gave us the run down….

“The weather was unexpectedly perfect, which meant carrying unnecessary survival gear – but better safe than sorry.”
*Tackling the elements with a smile.
“It was an awesome event; well organised and open to all abilities with genuinely nice people who wanted everyone to have fun.”
*Energy in > energy out. Loading up on lunch next to the Theta flag (with a bit of improvisation) and keeping up the leg power.
“Our Theta teams were outstanding; obviously nuts, but full of hidden talents that got us through the oddest of challenges. No one struggled on the bike/wade/run segments, and we all supported each other from start to finish.”
*Now that brings back memories.
“On our touchpoints with the other Teams, they too had eclectic mixes that shone when required, and they stuck together right to the end.”
“These are the sorts of things that build strong relationships and fuel Teams to thrive. Go Team Theta!”

So happy it was a fantastic day for all of our Lactic Turkeys – we’re super proud of you all! A massive congratulations for your unstoppable efforts for Cure Kids. You rock!

Marokopa Munter Adventure Race

The following weekend, Jason & Alan made their way into a super steep, 12-hour trek through the breathtaking landscape of the Waitomo region. The guys showed no mercy and brought home a 2nd category place, congratulations team! This year marked 11 years on the trot for Alan & 9th year for Jason; they don’t mess around. More on Marokopa Munter.

Jason gave us the inside scoop…

“The hills! Looking at maps of the area beforehand, you knew there were hills, but nothing ever really prepares you for the reality. Not only were they all steep, they were endless. The entire race felt like, let’s go up here, let’s go down again, hey look, a hill. Let’s go up there….”
*Jason’s not kidding…

The guy’s route results came in at a whopping 31 thousand steps just for the trek alone. Combine that with a steady uphill cycle of 59km combined – yeesh!

The race was sectioned into four stages.  

Stage 1: Ride 27km

Stage 2: Trek 11km

Stage 3: Ride 27km

Stage 4/5: Trek 5km & Ride 5km

“The biggest struggle of the race was the beginning of the 2nd cycle stage; it was very hot and sunny, which made this part really hard.”  
“Once we were off the tar seal, things started to feel much better.”
*Check out that 300-meter rise.
“The highlight of the race would have to be being in a part of New Zealand where I haven’t been before.”
*Yep, those views are pretty magical.
*One of the highest mountain peaks during the trek.
*Surrounded by native bush.

Next year, for his 10 Munter race anniversary, Jason said he needs to do more hill training.  

“Overall, it was a fun day out. We had some challenges but were able to push through to the end. But as always, it was an awesome day (hard but awesome).”

Congratulations, Alan & Jason, for your tremendous efforts; this race doesn’t look like it’s for the faint-hearted. Thank you for pushing through the challenges in honour of Cure Kids – it means the world.

A special thanks to our supporters for donating to Cure Kids, every penny counts.

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Ka Pai teams!

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