Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a low cost, monthly solution that will keep your environment safe from cyber threats, with the advantage of our specialists keeping watch 24/7.

Then and now

The traditional Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) model is flawed. Lack of actionable recommendations, unnecessary ticket raising and poorly invested time are common issues.

An alternative, globally emerging model is MDR. It gives you the protection you need, without the problems.

Theta as your MDR partner

With us as your local MDR support partner, you'll get continuous operations & continuous defences for 24/7 protection from our dedicated security team. Adversaries work in all time zones; so do we.

Our straightforward onboarding process gives you immediate protection, instant visibility and delivers the latest in cloud technology.

Low cost, monthly pricing from $16/device/month

24/7 monitoring by automation and intelligence experts

Fixed outcomes and touchpoints

Automation improves accuracy, speed and reduces costs

Threat intelligence within seconds

Full visibility for your IT team and stakeholders

Build future resilience

Easily scalable – for SMB's to enterprise