Bespoke services and consulting

From security testing to security architecture, your business is unique, and so are your security challenges.

Trained specialists

Securing your organisation can be a daunting task, and it isn't something you should have to go through alone. We work with countless New Zealand organisations to deliver meaningful solutions and strategic outcomes, and we can help yours too.

SMB to enterprise

Industry-specific solutions

Local support team, with access to a broad range of tech professionals

Managing the conversation

We take the time to understand how you operate, carefully assessing your risks in business terms like loss of productivity, goodwill and legal obligations. Abstracting the cyber security conversation beyond the IT department and into the C-Suite or Board is vital if you want to truly minimise the threat from cyber attacks.

Technical and beyond

From technical development to threat modelling and governance, if you've got a curly problem - we'd love to hear about it and help.

Threat modelling

Security architecture

Security testing

Unique threats, tailored solutions


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