Collaboration Solutions

Today's collaboration tools make it easy to work alongside your teams and your customers - from any location and on any device.

With a clever, well-thought-out implementation, you'll be able to integrate these tools with the rest of your business.

Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

We'll implement the right tools and technologies to meet your people's needs.

Tight security

Our security team will ensure that you have the latest controls in place to prevent an attack.

Work from anywhere, on any device, anytime

Create easy access to documents, sites and conversations.

Introducing your modern workplace

Imagine a modern workplace that makes it easy to get your work done, where you create seamless communication and collaboration across various platforms whilst ensuring that your security and integrity bases are 100% covered. We'll make it happen.

Overcome challenges with your existing environment.

High maintenance, high cost ageing applications.

Legacy systems that aren't agile.

Exposure to cyber threats with security gaps.

Time inefficiencies between different systems and people.

No 'one source of truth'; document duplication issues.

Inadequate communication, resulting in poor productivity.

Seamless switching

Switching between physical and digital worlds is part of everyday life. We use a range of devices and technologies to communicate with our friends and family, our co-workers and our clients.

People-focused organisations need technology that offers security, superior collaboration experiences and intelligent automation – allowing them to switch between these digital and physical worlds, seamlessly.

July 21, 2023

The City, the Office & the Guide (SharePoint, Teams & Viva)

SharePoint, Teams and Viva can be likened to a dynamic trio working together to provide better collaboration, communication and clarity.

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July 23, 2021

Teams, SharePoint and AvePoint helps Taumata Arowai with Public Records Act compliance and secure collaboration

As part of the planning for the establishment of Taumata Arowai, the requirement for a set of collaboration tools was identified as part of a broader tech setup.