Mobile App Development

Create mobile applications - destined for app stores or to help within your business.

Our team of integration specialists can also develop backend APIs for your apps to use and connect them to other systems you might be using, all with the reassurance of a complete vulnerability check by our security team. 

Design thinking approach

Using the latest design approaches and technologies, we create robust, secure mobile apps for organisations ranging from start-ups through to central government agencies. Central to this are Theta's UX/UI designers, who help your business determine and prioritise customer needs.

Design thinking and mockups

Test and validate UI experience for efficiency and flow

Convert mockups to high fidelity prototypes

A working app that does what you want it to do

Tech we know and love

For cross-platform applications, our preference is Flutter by Google. In scenarios where native deployment is still best, we can help with that too.

Rapidly create mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android.

Leverage high-quality and cost effective tech.

Create apps that perform and feel like native apps.

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