Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks by creating automated workflows - it’ll save you time and let you focus more on what you need to.

362% increased ROI

With Power Automate, tasks like data entry, data collection, sign-offs or approvals and status updates instantly become more efficient.

The proof is out there - in the Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Power Apps and Power Automate resulted in 362% increased ROI, 70% reduced development costs, and 15% increased business process efficiency.

Enable consistent processes with business process flows.

Save time with automated approval workflows – from time off to sales opportunities.

Secure your data with built-in or customised data loss prevention policies.

At a glance

Make day-to-day business processes simpler, quicker and far more efficient with cloud-based workflows and seamless integration into your Micosoft Apps. With over 220 connections available, you'll be able to perform quick and secure automation at scale.

Use cases

There are so many practical ways that you can use Power Automate to achieve better business process flow - here are some of them.

New opportunities - send a weekly summary to your Sales team.

Approval processing - start a contract approval process with won opportunities.

Onboarding – create an efficient process for new starters

Example: How to save time by automating IRD forms

New employees complete the IRD Tax Declaration form.

IRD Tax form uploaded into a private SharePoint site.

A flow is executed to review and extract the data – either handwritten or digitally typed.

Data is then stored against a contact record in a model-driven app.