Putting a spotlight on your attack surface

The security tool that shows you what your adversaries can see about you on the internet

Glasstrail is attack surface scanning software.  It gathers the intelligence that adversaries make use of and puts it in your hands – so you can get a heads up and head start. It is suited to organisations needing to manage their own attack surface monitoring, board reporting and insurance underwriting.

This affordable tool gives you the ability to run discovery scans and continuously monitor for advanced warning of new issues and risks. And then it gives you a list of priorities to address. Farewell endless security alerts and sign up to qualified and prioritised intelligence.

  • Affordable attack-surface monitoring scanning.
  • Get results in hours, not days.  
  • Run discovery scans as well as ongoing monitoring for newly arising vulnerabilities.

Learn more about Glasstrail  Go to glasstrail.com.

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