A platform where students can create digital content to share via the web or via our augmented reality mobile app.

Make a thing, tell a story

Mixiply is the result of our ongoing collaboration with a group of MiniDevs at Newlands Intermediate since 2017. The collaboration began when Theta’s emerging technologies architect Jim Taylor teamed up with teacher Marianne Malmstrom, and their team won the Future Realities hackathon at Techweek 2017.

What can you do with Mixiply?

A Mixiply project is a digital record of any kind of digital content. Projects include 3D models, video, images, code, text, web pages & more. You can make your own awesome mixed reality games and experiences and share them with others, or upload digital artwork to a portfolio. It's also a great place to learn about creating for mixed reality.

What does it work on?

AR-capable mobile devices (iPhone, Android), Windows Mixed Reality platform. HoloLens and desktops.

Who’s it for?

Intermediate and high school students.

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