Harness the power of data lineage, discovery and a data catalog to achieve full control of your data

Data Lineage Platform

Octopai is a best-in-class data lineage platform designed for data professionals. 

Octopai centralises and automates metadata management, enabling data users to easily discover, understand, and manage their data across multiple on-prem, cloud, or hybrid systems. 


Simplify and Accelerate Data Engineering Efforts

With its intuitive interface and generative AI agent, Octopai simplifies the process of tracing, fixing scripts, and analysing data lineage, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Through its comprehensive visualisation and automated metadata harvesting, Octopai empowers organisations to make data-driven decisions confidently, streamlines data operations, and reduces manual data-related efforts. 


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It's an essential tool for modern businesses aiming for efficient quality, governance,and transparency in their data environments.

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