Power BI is Microsoft’s suite of tools to analyse data and share insights. Monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards and visualisations on any device. Work with Theta’s data and insights specialists and make the most of your data with Power BI.

Power BI architecture and implementation

It’s fast and simple to get up and running with Power BI – especially with our experienced Microsoft BI team. Use Power BI gateways and connectors to unify all of your organisation’s data, and connect Power BI dashboards and visualisations directly to many different data sources and business applications.

Looking to take your Power BI implementation to the next level? Theta can help with enterprise Power BI architecture and configuration including solution architecture, connecting to on-premise data sources and security.

Dashboard visualisation

Work with us to bring your data to life using:

  • Self-service dashboards
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Interactive visualisations
  • Custom visuals

Best practice design, development and implementation

Power BI has the ability to bring information to end users quickly, but it becomes more powerful when combined with a data warehouse for the required data and metrics or other enterprise information sources such as streaming or big data sources.

Theta has the proven expertise to implement sound enterprise grade systems to support the delivery of quality information.

We also have BI consultants experienced in developing Power BI dashboards to visually display information creatively and in meaningful ways.

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