A leading provider of database monitoring and DataOps solutions on SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and the Microsoft Data Platform, SentryOne empowers users to achieve high performance across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

We'll help you choose the right SentryOne solutions and services to keep your database and applications running smoothly. Whether you're a Database Administrator, IT Manager, Developer or BI Professional, ask us what solutions will work for your environment. Our team specialise in a range of products including; Doc xPress, SentryOne Test and SentryOne Plan Explorer.


Your best defence against under-performing databases is monitoring your entire data platform stack. SentryOne helps monitor and optimise all areas of your data platform.


Simplify the management of complex data environments by maintaining a solid understanding of your data assets. SentryOne not only helps you speed data delivery—but also helps ensure the data is right.

Cloud Migration

SentryOne ensures fast performance before and after a cloud transition. From data testing and validation through monitoring and optimizing performance of cloud-based databases, SentryOne has a full suite of capabilities that can simplify your journey to the cloud.

Our specialist areas

DOC xPress


For robust, customisable documentation in a variety of formats; DOC xPress takes a metadata snapshot of nearly every property that can be captured and stores the intelligence into a shared database for your team. The Solution Wizard, as well as an intuitive interface, makes it easy for first-time users to pre-generate solutions and stay productive.

Lineage and Impact Analysis

Lineage and impact analysis reduces the time it takes to trace data sources within your system. Interactive object lineage diagrams help make it easy to view dependencies and find data sources.

SentryOne Test

An automated framework to reduce the time spent on testing and validating data. Based on industry standards, you'll be able to streamline the test and validation process, improving your results. Connect to nearly any database and test data in SQL Server, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, or other properties.

SentryOne Plan Explorer

Plan Explorer assists you in pinpointing SQL Server query problems. With the benefits of speed and visibility, you can easily find tuning opportunities and see runtime metrics without manually setting statistics options or digging into a plan's properties.

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