Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs that enable natural and contextual interaction with tools that augment user experiences via the power of machine learnt models.

What can you do with cognitive services?

Tap into an ever-growing collection of powerful algorithms developed by experts in fields including computer vision, emotion, face, language understanding intelligent service (LUIS), speech, text analytics, recommendations, and web language model APIs. Simplify a variety of artificial intelligence based tasks, with a quick way to extract insights from data and enhance your analytic capability.

Cognitive services integrate into whatever language and platform you prefer. Including bespoke applications (web applications, bots and APIs). They can also enrich your analytics capability.

Cognitive services and analytics

Data gathered by and enhanced with cognitive services can be used to add extra capabilities to your analytics. Our analytics team has experts in data visualisation and machine learning and experience at integrating cognitive services including:

  • Powerful predictive analytics and machine learning using Azure Machine Learning.
  • Integration with Azure Stream Analytics.
  • Rich data presentations using Power BI.

What cognitive services are available?

Computer vision

State-of-the-art image processing algorithms help you moderate content automatically and build more personalised apps by returning smart insights about faces, images, and emotions.


Process spoken language in your applications using custom speech service, Bing Speech API or Speaker Recognition API.


Allow your apps to process natural language, evaluate sentiment and topics, and learn how to recognise what users want.


Map complex information and data in order to solve tasks such as intelligent recommendations and semantic search.


Make your apps, webpages, and other experiences smarter and more engaging with the Bing Search APIs.

Which cognitive services are right for my organisation?

There are a wide range of cognitive services available, including many new services in development and available pre-release for experimentation. We have worked with many of them in our innovation lab.

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