Innovate, scale and grow your business with Snowflake; the data warehouse built for the cloud.

Snowflake is built for speed, with flexibility and efficiency that isn't always possible with a traditional data warehouse or big data platform.

At Theta, our combined Snowflake partnership and data analytics experience helps you to create smoother data flow and more powerful insights throughout your business.

SaaS Model

SaaS data warehousing enables companies to almost instantly gain access to sophisticated applications and software systems that formerly would have required significant IT investment to install and manage.

A Single Integrated System

Unlike shared-storage architectures that tie storage and compute together, Snowflake enables automatic scaling of storage, analytics, or workgroup resources for any job, instantly and easily.

Unlimited Concurrency

Snowflake can support unlimited concurrency with its unique multi-cluster, shared data architecture.

Uncompromising Simplicity

Snowflake is a zero-management data warehouse-as-a-service.

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